If you want a custom creature of your very own, I would love to help bring your adorable dreams to life.

I offer custom versions of any of the critters I have designed.

Customizable elements vary between creatures but include:
  • Fabric colour
  • Name and story
  • Clothing
  • Stuffing (I stuff all my toys with wool batting, but I can accommodate requests for hypoallergenic polyester stuffing for those who prefer it)
Price: My custom fee is $20 for full-sized dolls and $10 for small (which is added to regular retail price of the critter), with additional fees for elements added to the design (ie, additional pieces of clothing)

Lead time: Please allow four weeks from order to dispatch 

At this time, I can't accommodate requests for new designs, simply because of the time and energy that each new design demands.

Custom critter prices (custom fee included):
  • Unicorn  $70
  • Fairy  $80
  • Dragon  $70
  • Dog  $70
  • Large doll (superhero, prince or princess)  $60
  • Small doll (superhero, prince or princess)  $40
  • Big monster  $60
  • Small monster  $35
  • Seagull  $60
  • Guinea pig  $45